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A snapshot of English parish churches


31 January 2012

January saw the fifteenth anniversary of an extraordinary project to photograph all the rural churches in Britain - providing a set of digital images of each one, inside and out. This heroic endeavour is now about 70% completed, and work is continuing to finish what is already an archive of the highest importance.

All the photos- one third of a million of them - are the work of one man, C B Newham, operating unsupported and unfunded. To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary, he has produced a three minute high-definition video. It is called '335665 Photographs'

The Digital Atlas of England Foundation is a privately funded not-for-profit project established in November 2006 to undertake the photographic documentation of England’s architectural and artistic heritage using digital photography. The Foundation is managed by a board of trustees and the Project Director is Mr C B Newham.

The current archive includes just over 335,000 digital images covering two thirds of England’s villages and towns. The aim is to complete the country within the next ten to fifteen years. The entire collection of over 700,000 digital images will then be made available to the public and researchers.

Thanks to Trevor Cooper of the Ecclesiological Society for alerting us to this fascinating story.

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