The Good Maintenance Guide

The Good Maintenance Guide' is intended to be a practical and easy to use source of advice on maintenance matters and contains a wealth of advice about the day to day care of historic places of worship.

The Good Maintenance Guide

It includes chapters on understanding traditional materials, why buildings decay, maintenance tasks and working with professionals and others. It also contains a useful maintenance checklist and many references to related sources of help and guidance.

The guide has been written for volunteers who care for historic places of worship but its message that we should aim to ‘stave off decay by daily care' is applicable to all historic structures.


The Good Maintenance Guide' costs £5 plus £1 P&P and is available from SPAB by calling 0207 456 0913 or writing to Faith in Maintenance, 37 Spital Square, London E1 6DY. Please make cheques payable to SPAB.  You can also order a copy online.

The Good Maintenance Guide' was designed by Sara Chapman.