Next Steps

Now that you have watched the DVD here are some ideas about what you might do next:

  • Sign up to the gutter maintenance scheme operated by your diocese if there is one.  If there isn't a diocesan scheme in place, think about arranging your own gutter maintenance agreement between a group of churches and a local contractor.
  • Sign up for our free monthly email bulletin service to help keep your place of worship in tiptop condition.
  • Arrange a local training event on the topic of maintenance. You can show the Faith in Maintenance DVD and use our suggested discussion questions.
  • Talk to volunteers from other places of worship in your local area - they may be willing to share their ideas and experience!  They might also be willing to share tools and access equipment.
  • Call our Technical Helpline if you would like advice on repair and maintenance issues. The Helpline operates on Fridays on 0207 456 0916.
  • Have a look at our case studies for ideas about how to tackle common maintenance tasks.
  • Organise a maintenance working party.  It is much easier to tackle maintenance if you have a group of willing volunteers, especially if you offer to reward their efforts with tea and cakes!