DVD Feedback Form

Please take a moment to answer these questions about the DVD.  Your views are greatly appreciated by the Faith in Maintenance team.

1. What was your general impression of the DVD? Please select three words to describe your response.
2. Did you feel that the DVD explained the issue of maintenance clearly?
3. Can you identify two things you have learned from the DVD that you will put into practice immediately in caring for your place of worship?

4. Do you feel more motivated to tackle the maintenance of your own place of worship having watched the DVD?
5. Will you now consider attending a Faith in maintenance training course?
6. Will you make use of any of the other Faith in maintenance resources?
(a) Advice on the website
(b) Technical helpline
(c) Email bulletin
(d) Online maintenance forum
7. Did you make use of the discussion questions available on the website?
8. Will you consider carrying out an annual inspection of your place of worship?
9. Will you ensure that your rainwater goods are cleared of debris at least once each year?
10. Can you suggest any other resources that would be useful to you in terms of helping you look after your place of worship better?